The GnuPG e.V.

The GnuPG e.V. is a charitable legal person (a German “Verein”) to improve data protection, data sovereignty and customer protection in in our supranational networked society. To achieve these goals the Verein seeks for international cooperation with people and organizations and supports the development and distribution of Free and Open Source software.

The Verein was founded on February 8, 2017 by 7 active GnuPG developers. Its registration number is VR11482 at Amtsgericht Düsseldorf. The tax office Düsseldorf-Altstadt has confirmed the charitable state. As of 2018-02-02 the Verein has 15 regular members represented by its board: Werner Koch (chairperson), Martin Gollowitzer (vice-chair) and Andre Heinecke (treasurer).